We are what we eat, said Feuerbach. Good food is not only what you eat, however: it speaks to us of the skilled hands that harvested it, it refers to a unique land and history, and reminds us that if we eat our identity then we won’t run the risk of losing it. That’s because food is life. It is culture, it is tradition and innovation, it is discovery and travel. Food belongs to everyone and has a special charm.

This charm can often be slightly hidden, and needs to be given its own space and time.

For this reason, we got to work, to weave a web where none exist or those that do are too weak and, therefore, creative and devoted connect manufacturers; raise awareness of gourmet products that tell the of specific regions, of districts and communities that are hard-working but still peripheral; propose new fusions between different culinary cultures and between different languages, such as food and music, art and wine, fashion and food.

This is the charm of food. Italy is a land of taste, with its excellence specialities and its wonderful diversity. Its charm is waiting to be discovered with the help of GnamGlam!

Join us!

GnamGlam offers:

  • editorial and distribution products
  • food, wine and cultural events
  • information and communication services
  • promotion of food and wine products

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