The food allows us to recognise the stupidity of racism.




We are what we eat, said Feuerbach. Good food is not only what you eat, however: it speaks to us of the skilled hands that harvested it, it refers to a unique land and history, and reminds us that if we eat our identity then we won’t run the risk of losing it. That’s because food is life. It is culture, it is tradition and innovation, it is discovery and travel. Food belongs to everyone and has a special charm.

This charm can often be slightly hidden, and needs to be given its own space and time.

For this reason, we got to work, to weave a web where none exist or those that do are too weak and, therefore, creative and devoted connect manufacturers; raise awareness of gourmet products that tell the of specific regions, of districts and communities that are hard-working but still peripheral; propose new fusions between different culinary cultures and between different languages, such as food and music, art and wine, fashion and food.

This is the charm of food. Italy is a land of taste, with its excellence specialities and its wonderful diversity. Its charm is waiting to be discovered with the help of GnamGlam!

Join us!

GnamGlam offers:

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  • food, wine and cultural events
  • information and communication services
  • promotion of food and wine products

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Supper club

social eatingThe home is the most private and intimate place there is. But when a home opens its doors, amazing things can happen!
For example, you can meet new people and enjoy good food together. This is what they call “social eating”, which – as always – is too long to explain in Italian!
It is a new and increasingly popular way of eating out (for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks!) centred around good food and togetherness.
Food is the key aspect of course, but there is also the personal element… it is a social gathering, an intimate encounter, and a build-up to finding yourself at the table with people you’ve never seen before.
A hint of mystery and a healthy dose of tasting the “fine things” produced by GnamGlam’s friends, taking you on a journey of experiences, exchange, discovery and… much more!
This is how GnamGlam is turned into an impromptu (anti)restaurant, which is how The Guardian describes the trend of social eating – an Italian style supper club to experience and enjoy food.

You can find us in the South of Rome, near the beautiful Parco degli Acquedotti, as well as online on the main social eating platforms: Gnammo, BonAppetour, New Gusto. Look for us and you’ll find us!

An elephant is a mouse designed by a working group

Tullio Avoledo

I tell stories. All of them are quite true. My passions are civil rights and all matters related to the environment and the country. I wrote a book on the former topic, and I carry out freelance activities in relation to the latter. Food is my latest discovery: I’ve always eaten but recently I’ve been trying to understand something and I’d like to tell you about it. I forgot: like Oscar Wilde, I can’t stand “those who do not take food seriously.”

Ilaria Donatio

Journalist, serial founder of blogs and nonprofit magazines. Passionate about fusions of texts, institutions, cities, interiors and… ingredients. Under the ashes of his official activities burns an Epicurean and contemplative flame. The excellence of Italian taste is his latest folly, but on the other hand, “stay hungry, stay foolish” means exactly that… Or does it?

Vittorio Ferla

Cuoca per gioco, amante delle buone pratiche agricole, si occupa di marketing e pubbliche relazioni per l’azienda di famiglia.

Marilena Ponzio

An oenologist and biologist, I graduated from the Faculty of Oenology of Bordeaux. I teach on courses for FISAR Sommeliers, ONAV and Slow Food for the “Master of Wine”. I teach on the “Italian Wines Course” at the Faculty of Oenology of Bordeaux, the MA in Oenology at the Catholic University of Milan and the Oenology course at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo (CN). Nominated for the Luigi Veronelli prize for the best young winemaker in 2007, I pour my passion for wine into teaching, and also provide advice to around 20 companies throughout Italy and abroad, at all stages of production, from establishing vineyards to bottling. I am the founder of Antesi S.r.l. based in Rome.

Paolo Peira

As the editor of “MicroMega”, I occasionally collaborate with other publications in the L’Espresso publishing group. I wrote “La Terra è rotonda. Kant, Kelsen  e la prospettiva cosmopolitica”(“The Earth is Round. Kant, Kelsen and and the cosmopolitan perspective,” Mimesis Editions, 2015). I’ve been living in Germany for some time, discovering another way of being European, but Italy remains in my heart and my thoughts. In short, I am in right place for telling others about the best my land has to offer.

Cinzia Sciuto

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